Thursday, June 10, 2004

Outsourcing hell

From the irrepressible Slashdot a story from ZD Net about American spammers using criminal gangs in China and Russia to spread their plague:

"There is a new level of criminality in the spamming world," Linford told the Openwave Messaging Anti-Abuse conference in London. "Russian gangs are creating viruses and proxies and selling them onto US spammers."

According to Linford, these Russian gangs aren't constrained by any anti-spam or cybercrime laws in their home country and have no respect for legislation implemented in other countries.

Linford also told the conference that some 70 percent of spam is sent from China by American spam outfits who are hosting their servers with Chinese ISPs. In many cases the spammers have set up firewalls so that the ISPs can't actually see what's being hosted.

Gosh, do you suppose there is a connection between cheap labor, lack of respect for human rights and the power of criminal gangs?

(emphasis Technoflak's)

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