Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Jon Udell on the Google PC

From his column in InfoWorld:

On the Google PC, you wouldn’t need third-party add-ons to index and search your local files, e-mail, and instant messages. It would just happen. The voracious spider wouldn’t stop there, though. The next piece of low-hanging fruit would be the Web pages you visit. These too would be stored, indexed, and made searchable. More ambitiously, the spider would record all your screen activity along with the underlying event streams. Even more ambitiously, it would record phone conversations, convert speech to text, and index that text. Although speech-to-text is a notoriously imperfect art, even imperfect results can support useful search.

Um, er,
Precisely where would this spider reside? Who does the spider work for and answer to? This is the sort of thing that makes me think Richard Stallman is right, living in freedom means using free software.

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