Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Translation From PR-Speak to English

Daring Fireball gives us a hilarious tranlation of Adobe’s ‘FAQ’ Regarding Their Acquisition of Macromedia. My personal favorite:

What is the mission of the combined company?

Adobe’s mission remains the same — to help people and businesses communicate better. With the acquisition of Macromedia, Adobe strengthens its mission through the combination of leading-edge development, authoring and collaboration tools — and the complementary functionality of PDF and Flash.

Where by “complementary” we mean “the two leading technologies that irritate people when they’re used in lieu of regular web pages.” Note that we’re using PDF to serve this very FAQ — in our synergistic future, perhaps we’ll serve our FAQs in a hybrid PDF/Flash format. One can dream.

Thanks to Gabe Goldberg for the tip.

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