Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Asia enters blogosphere in a big way

The movers and shakers

Those were all blogs that appeared on both lists and managed to climb up in the ranks. More surprising, however, was the fact that 65 new bloggers appeared on the list, new claimant to the title of top blogger. A quick analysis seems to point to Asian blogs becoming a major force, one that I personally have not heard much about in discussion of the evolution of the blogosphere. David Sifry's State of the Blogosphere did not cover any of this type of movement when he did his last overview of the state of the blogosphere. I don't know if he deliberately decided to ignore the data or whether he did not see it as that important but I consider this a pretty powerful observation. In a world where globalisation is key, the blogosphere has not yet fully grappled with the impact of the Asian Pacific region and there probably will be some interesting discussion around this in the future.

This really should not be surprising. There are a lot of people in Asia.

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