Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It is time, past time, for software vendors to get serious about intuitive redaction

Police report on Cheney shooting incident reveals license info

It seems that local authorities did not properly redact the personal data when they released the police report. The ordinary person thinks that when they delete content, it is gone. The idea that there is a set of electronic footprints that can be followed back is an idea that simply would not present itself.

In fact there is a whole group of companies devoted to proper redaction. This and other topics will be covered at the Town Hall Meeting at the KM Conference. In the mean time those with solutions might want to propose them to

If your customer is subject to public embarrassment because of problems with redaction, talking about the need for user training is not going to be a workable PR strategy.


Adam said...

These aren't products, they're features. They need to be integrated into the products people are using, not be addtional steps which people will forget.

Alice said...

I agree, Adobe, Microsoft, et al, need to make redaction easy and intutitive. Having said that, companies who make redaction components would be well advised to propose them to, it would offer solutions to those seeking them right now.

Redact1 said...

The trouble with most of the Redaction products available is that they can do only one type of document. Since using RapidRedact i have found that it can do all document types, including emails, word documents, powerpoints etc. This is by far the best redaction software available on the market today.