Sunday, April 22, 2007

Attorney General Gonzales congressional melt down

Potomac Flacks has a good analysis. My favorite part:

When the emails comes out, so will the truth - Once you have to start handing over emails, there is blood in the water.

I also like this comment at Slashdot:

Take the US attorney firing. I'm not a lawyer, but even I know enough never to tell an easily refuted lie when you can get by with a uselessly vague truth. I'd have been saying things like "It was time for new blood." or "David Iglesias did a fine job, but a shakeup will keep everybody on their toes, and Larry Gomez deserves his chance to show us what he can do."

Very funny analysis form Colin McEnroe:
Some answers are so bad as to resist analysis. If I ask you what 9 times 7 is and you say "rhubarb," I'm no longer in a position to correct your math.

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Jenny said...

Definitely a meltdown... maybe we'll see a resignation in the coming days. Patrick Leahy's latest comments seem to indicate as much: