Thursday, April 26, 2007 approach to content management

I use my tags as a clip file. At first I just tagged the stories I placed for clients. Then I tagged the articles I have written.

I soon worked out that works as a great clip file. I often come across stories that interest me, that I want to go back and read at a later time. Tagging works great in those situations. There are also story lines I want to track, is ideal for that purpose. It’s great, no paper, no filing system other than the tags, and makes it easy to forward a whole group of stories with one URL.


Susan Getgood said...

I've also started using del tags to tag posts that I am going to link in a post I am writing.

I used to save the posts as New in bloglines and go back to them that way. Now I just come up with a tag for the topic and as I read, I tag.

Then when I go back to add links to my post, which I generally do all at once, I just sort on the tag and run through all the posts to be linked much more easily.

Alice said...

I also use tags to mark articles I want to refer to in future posts. It is just too convenient.