Friday, April 20, 2007

Federal health agency embraces blogging

Agencies face the challenge of balancing the old and new ways of communicating with the public

One federal blogger is Jay Bernhardt, director of CDC’s National Center for Health Marketing. In his blog, Health Marketing Musings, he wrote that new media will change how health information is produced, exchanged, packaged and consumed.

“For those of us working in governmental health communication and marketing at all levels, a fundamental challenge we all face is how to balance the old with the new,” he said. How true! Isn’t that the challenge for government and for health care?

When the Center for Disease Control embraces blogging you know we have crossed the chasm from early adopter to early mainstream. Blogging is big and going to get bigger. So can we stop listening to Drama Queen Train Wreck blog? (If you missed that last reference, count yourself among the fortunate and file it under the Dept. of Things You Don't Care About.)

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