Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DC XML Users Group Feb. Meeting: Taming XML Using Rules

Last week I went to the DC XML Users Group to see KC Morris of NIST explain the tools they had developed to help XML developers to write code that conforms to standards.

She ran through quick demonstrations of their Content Checker, Naming and Design Rules Profile, a Quality of Design Tool and a Constrain Generator (a tool to aid in coding business constraints in various rules languages).

She discussed the challenged of developing tools to be used across the federal government, with every agency having its unique requirements. Concerning the Naming and Design Rules Profile for example, Morris said that there was general agreement that spelling out an entire name, as opposed to using an acronym, was preferable; except the CIA pointed out that their acronyms were for classified material. At this a member of the audience said, “welcome to the program,” to general laughter. It was a Washington, DC moment.

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