Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Student Movement for Real Change

Tonight’s meeting of NetSquared featured presentation by the Student Movement for Real Change.

From their website
Student Movement for Real Change (SMRC) empowers a generation of young leaders to identify and develop sustainable solutions to health and education in partnership with developing communities.

It takes a great deal of courage to get up in front of a group like that and ask to have one’s website critiqued. The ensuing discussion was very informative to anyone with an interest in the role of online communications in building a non-profit organization.

Special thanks to Affinity Lab for hosting the meeting and Genius Rocket for providing the food and drink.

Edit -
Joe Flood has a more detailed account of the evening.

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Mickie Kennedy said...

I agree that it does take courage to have one's website critiqued and to allow opinions and suggestions in an effort to improve systems and communities. If only the government would allow the public to do the same with their programs that claim to improve systems and communities. I do faintly remember a phrase, "For the people and by the people". I commend the site's developers for living by this fading idea.