Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I can get your company on TechCrunch

Justin Thorp has an amazing post about a marketer who was prepared to spend a million dollars to dazzle TechCrunch into posting about her company.

There is an easier and cheaper way to get on TechCrunch, for $12,000 you can buy a monthly sponsorship. Obviously a post carries far more credibility than a paid advertisement, on the other hand an ad will appear when and where you want it to, to say nothing of the value of repetition.

I am surprised by all this endless angling for PR attention when you can simply buy it.


Jeremy Porter said...

Better than paying for it, earn it. If your product or service is "cool" enough to get on TechCrunch, it will eventually get on TechCrunch.

If it sucks, it won't. Case in point, a company I've worked for was recently profiled on TechCrunch. Why? Because they had an innovative new approach to Web software development, they recently closed funding and relocated to The Valley. The content was relevant for TC.

Alice said...

As a PR professional I would certainly agree that it is better to earn it, but $1 million is a very large sum of money. To squander it all on the chance of getting on a particular website strikes me as insane. Better to divide that money up into a PR and advertising campaign.

TechCrunch is like every other site, it misses "cool" stories all the time, that is just they way it is, that is why it is insane to put all your eggs in one basket.