Saturday, February 28, 2009

New to me local tech blogs

powdermonkey - Grinding together ideas, technology and information, Timothy Vollmer is an IT policy analyst, bicyclist, and food lover residing in Washington, D.C.

Rise of the Third Estate
, Empowerment through Social Media

Gwynne on dot-gov

Strategic Communications 2.0, Where social media and strategic communications intersect


Darren Krape
, a social media specialist, web designer and developer

, transportable infrastructures for development and emergency support

Blue Mountain Labs

The Snark Hunter

Mobius Development

doodle dabbles

ScienceLogic Blog

Dave Troy

Anne Juel Jørgensen’s Blog
, PR, Politics, and Technology

Digital Fan Girl

Miracle World Blog

August Jackson

Morning Compilation by Hal Hayes

CTO 2.0 - A Technology Blog by Antonio Chagoury

Upcoming Developer and IT Pro Community Events

Dreamin' Steven

Web 2.0 Blog - Discovering Innovation Opportunities using Social Media

CMMI for Services Diary, A blow-by-blow, warts-and-all account of one little company’s attempt to apply the CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) to its business.

Ken Yarmosh

PerfectDisk Blog from Defrag software

- Investigations Into Enterprise 2.0, management & technology in a transparent era.

Andrew's (Tumbling) Interwebdiary
, A Hideous Triumph of Form and Function



Frank La Vigne


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Thanks for the 'shout-out" Presto we really appreciate it!

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