Monday, September 06, 2004

Additions to blog roll

eGovernment Weblog
Tom Braman's state/local government-technology news blog, emphasizing information architecture and the user experience.

judith meskill's knowledge notes...

Emerging Technologies In media res

Interoperability Streams
Communications interoperability news & views

Observing the xmlification of the 21st century

B2fxxx Random thoughts on law, the internet and society.

The Learned Man!
A blog that seeks to highlight the latest and greatest in the eLearning and training industry, as well as a unique look into this growing industry through the eyes, and experiences of one of its salesmen! So step right up folks, and join the joyride! Blog
Blog, articles, newsletter and news.

The Content Wrangler

Leadership by Numbers
As kids, we made art with paint-by-number kits. Simply matching the outline numbers with an oil paint gave us the illusion of mastery. Today, I'm in IT management in Washington, DC: consulting, systems administration, development & training. And, I still see a lot of paint-by-number projects which try to be the real thing. IT leadership is about reading the numbers, then going outside the lines and taking risks.

CSL Blog
Internet surfing tidbits from Charlie Lindahl

The Spectacled Bear

Conrad Agramont's WebLog

Web Services for Vertical Solutions

RobertKs Blog
Blogging on SOA, SharePoint, XML and Web Services "von mir gesucht - für Sie gefunden"

Topic Exchange: Channel 'rss'

Internet Commerce - Ling Tan

Serge van den Oever [Macaw]
Things that make my working world go round - .Net/C#/SharePoint/...

Local news and comment from the Progressive Review, edited by Sam Smith, since 1964 DC's most unofficial source. Our national news coverage can be found at


Marketing Idea Shop

I/P Updates
~~~~~~~~~~ Courtesy of William F. Heinze ~~~~~~~~~~
News and information for intellectual property practitioners™

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