Friday, September 24, 2004

Microsoft takes on spammers and their hosting companies

MS fires armour-piercing suit at 'bullet-proof' spam host

Microsoft has fired off nine new lawsuits against spammers including an action against a web hosting firm that allegedly offered so-called "bullet proof" hosting to junk mailers. ...

Suppliers of so-called "bullet-proof" services claim that they can't be shut down as a result of complaints. In reality, such services are usually closed within days as the escalation of complaints to upstream providers forces ISPs to close down sources of spam - or risk being kicked off the net themselves. In any case, the trade is probably on the wane. Anti-spam organisations, such as Spamhaus, are increasingly winning coverts in the Chinese ISP community with their argument that local hosts shouldn’t offer such slimy services.

See also: Spamhaus assaults 'Great Wall of Spam'

Well done Microsoft.

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