Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Web Content Management Circa 2004: Marketplace, Trends, and Technologies

NCC-AIIM Monthly Meeting
Thursday, October 14, 2004

NCC-AIIM joins forces with IAC (Industry Advisory Council) on Thursday, October 14, 2004 to deliver an outstanding ECM program. After providing an overview of the ECM market and examining the trends facing the industry in September, we need to look at these emerging technologies through the eyes of a stakeholder. How can organizations manage the incredible amount of digital assets that they make available through the Web? The answer is Web Content Management (WCM), but the process isn’t easy!!

Tony Byrne, founder and editor of CMS Watch, will look at WCM trends, technologies, and marketplace from the perspective of a solutions buyer, the federal buyer in particular. Professionals responsible for choosing a WCM solution, delivering Web content to constituents, and/or managing Web content will benefit by attending.

Buyers have never had more choices. Despite repeated warnings of consolidation in the WCM space, the number of viable products continues to expand and several mid-tier vendors are making inroads into the federal sector - mirroring their success in commercial markets. In the meantime, various architectural patterns and organizational best practices are emerging as key determinants for success in managing Web content, regardless of product solution.

Mr. Byrne will provide a thorough snapshot of the vendor community, describe some architectural trends, and then examine some WCM approaches that appear to be gaining traction.

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