Thursday, June 23, 2005

Voices from the front, the soldier blogs

All the Kings Horses

A heightened sense of mortality lends to a particular brand of introspective soul-searching that has become a trademark of wartime writing. The difference today, of course, is that technology makes idle ramblings instantly available to everyone.

For some of us, we have discovered that we can instigate knowledge and awareness among the American public, galvanizing political action.

Knowledge is power, but I imagine some would prefer that neither belong to the public. That having been said, however, it isn't for the Army or the government to curb the creative impulses of those under the knife. It is very un-American.

Violating operations security aside, there have been numerous blogs snuffed out because they have been deemed "bad for morale". Suffice it to say that my own could easily be the next. I will not give up my soap box easily, though. It's all I have in this miserable place.

The soldier blogs are excellent PR for America’s armed forces. Reading these journals gives you a good opinion about those defending us and what they are trying to do under extremely difficult circumstances. Americans have learned some deeply disturbing things about what is being done in our name. It is likely we will shortly discover things that are even more disturbing. The greatest antidote to this are the soldier’s themselves. Shutting down these journals would be a colossal blunder in a war that has seen too many colossal blunders.

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