Friday, June 10, 2005

Why are data reference models news?

Chris Dorobek has a fascinating piece about site traffic and story selection.

Each week, Federal Computer Week covers stories that can be seen as dense. We always try to do it in a way that makes these subjects accessible and perhaps occasionally even fun. But there also going to be stories about some new data reference model of the enterprise architecture that are just so important, they just have to be covered. Our goal is always to make those stories accessible as well.

I think the way to make data reference model stories box office is to communicate its impact on interoperability. A good data reference model is the difference between applications working with each other and bottle necks. A good data reference model is the difference between divisions within an agency communicating with one another or not.

I understand it is difficult to make clear the impact of such arcane developments; but readers must be given the opportunity to read these stories if they are to understand technology’s impact on their lives.

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