Thursday, June 02, 2005

What is a political blog?

It is a little like p0rnography, you know it when you see it. But if you have ever mentioned a candidate’s name on your blog you could be sucked into this.

Do you think bloggers should have to fill out forms every time they link to a candidate’s web site? Should they disclose links to campaigns in ways Frank Luntz does not?

The Online Coalition has written an excellent letter:

The electorate is best served when the Commission crafts rules that remove actual corruption while encouraging more participation, opinions and choices to permeate the democratic process.

It is in this spirit and for the reasons stated below that the Commission should move forward with its proposal to include the term “paid advertisements on the Internet” under the definition of “public communication,” to extend the protections afforded to volunteers to include individuals and groups of individuals, and to treat certain online publications as falling under the “media exemption” rule.

Send your own statement to the Federal Election Commission at You don’t have much time; Friday, June 3 is the deadline.

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