Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Center for Society, Law & Justice

University of New Orleans (UNO), Center for Society, Law & Justice (CSLJ)


* Manage justice technologies training that educates senior justice managers to deal with integration and training that allows office personnel to create power user groups for justice organizations
* Research into project management training resources
* Developing a framework for the debate of ethical issues in privacy regarding the ''philosophy'' of information access
* Develop briefing booklets regarding justice integration issues for general circulation


* Partnership to deliver an intense project management training with university credit through the Integrated Justice Information Systems (IJIS) Industry Working Group (IWG) and Auburn University
* Development of technical assistance support for medium and rural justice agencies to increase their capacities to integrate systems


* Criminal justice executives
* Criminal justice trainers
* Criminal justice consortiums
* Medium to small justice agencies with minimal ICJS capacities
* Criminal justice chief information officers

Katrina has left many losses and disruptions in its wake. This is only one.

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