Thursday, September 01, 2005

Aftermath ii, the refugee crisis

It is now obvious that thousands of gulf coast residents will have to resettle elsewhere. Their homes are gone and those areas will be uninhabitable for months to come.

From what I can tell the port of New Orleans will be closed for months and all of its shipping business rerouted. That means ports such as Norfolk and Baltimore will see a marked increase in business. They will need dockworkers and related trades. There ought to be a way to put unemployed gulf coast shipping workers in touch with employers at the other ports.

This is just one example of what needs to be done. Shel Holtz has two posts about cummunicators looking to relocate.

We need the online job networks such as and others to come forward and develop a special section for gulf coast residents seeking to relocate. We need the Red Cross to assist with relocation grants (not loans). Of course they can’t do that without our generous support.

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