Tuesday, September 06, 2005

In praise of DC SPIN and SQA

DC SPIN and SQA require their speakers to bring copies of their presentations for attendees. In addition to making it easier to follow along with the speaker, it facilitates note taking. With the basic presentation in front of you, you can concentrate on the details and nuances of the speaker’s presentation. It makes original reporting and blogging much easier. If you are planning on making a presentation, make copies available beforehand. It’s easy publicity.

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Johanna Rothman said...

Alice, I agree with you about copies. And it's difficult for speakers to know how many copies to bring (because they're not involved in the registration).

When I speak at the Boston SPIN, they make copies for attendees so I don't have to do so. When I speak at other places, I *usually* bring copies. But when I speak in a foreign country, I post a PDF. (Sometimes I post a PDF even when I'm not traveling out of the country.)

I do think a speaker should provide some kind of take-away, preferably at the meeting. As you said, easy publicity and easy reference later.