Friday, September 30, 2005

Tips on the use of presentation software

Death by PowerPoint

A picture is worth a thousand words, possibly more – Just because PowerPoint has bullets is no reason to use them. There is no way you can convey as much information in a slide full of bullets as you can in a slide with a single picture on it. Try this next time, put a picture in instead of the bullets and then talk about the picture. People will find it much more interesting and much more informative. As a bonus, it makes it more worthwhile to come to the presentation as opposed to just downloading the slides – making you a more important person to have at the event.

First question, why use presentation software at all? When was the last time you saw a political candidate, clergyman, or anyone else who speaks for a living, use presentation software? Exactly. Unless pictures, charts, or some other graphic information is part of your presentation, why not just get in front of the group and talk?

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