Monday, September 26, 2005

Economic indicator?

THE TECHWEB SPIN: 200 Press Releases A Day And Counting

The tech economy must be chugging along because my email inbox is positively bursting at the seams. ..

At the risk of being accused by fellow news hounds of being a heretic, I submit that all this fever-pitched pitching is a good thing. Today's high volume, high intensity, high tech PR hasn't always been so hyperactive. Not long ago, the buzz machine was considerably quieter. I suspect I'm far from alone in noting this trend. While my email address is listed as a press release contact for TechWeb, I think many of my colleagues -- working in the trenches of the technology press corps -- are also using a forklift to cut through the blizzard, which is fine, because the alternative would be reliving the disastrous Tech Wreck of 2001.

May it be an omen of better times to come.

Phil Gomes takes a different view.

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