Monday, January 30, 2006

I know the feeling

Tom Temin

But sometimes age shows. Yesterday I was at a meeting out of town with an ad agency that represents several of our advertisers. The half dozen account executives I was talking to were, to a person, young. Young as in, I coulda been their dad. They were smart, informed, serious about their work and all that. But young.

We were chatting about tech and the need to keep up with new media formats because of the ceaseless obsolescence in our industry. I cited the example of RCA videodiscs...and stopped short.

I realized the fellow I was talking to, who had the manner and bearing of my wedding best man’s older son, probably never heard of videodiscs, that short-lived innovation of, when was it, the late ‘70s? In fact, I wondered if he’d heard of RCA.

Jim Horton posts about talking to the future.

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