Thursday, January 19, 2006

Osama bin Laden, Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan, and the anonymice

Adam Shostack points to Walid Phares’ analysis of bin Laden’s latest taped message:

The fact that no operations have taken place within the US doesn't mean that they're not going to happen. There will be soon operations within the US and the West. Operations are being prepared, according to the message.
PS: Which means that there are significant questions in the Jihadi constituencies about the lack of operations in America - a subject discussed in the chat rooms.

We used to have a double agent at the highest levels of Al Qaeda. Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan was a computer genius and an Al Qaeda operative until he was flipped by some very skillful CIA field officers. Khan was feeding the US information until some political hack anonymouse, exposed him in order to justify a terror alert during the last Presidential election. Now suppose our Whie House was not staffed by the sort of people who betray the identities of CIA Case officers and Agents. Suppose our news media was not dominated by the sort of opportunists prepared to collaborate in that sort of misconduct. Is it just possible bin Laden would now be in custody? There is really no way to know.

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