Friday, January 06, 2006

Specifying a Software Architecture: The Challenges for Future Software Development for Enterprise Applications

Northern Virginia Chapter of IEEE

Wednsday, January 18, 2006. The meeting will be held at the 1910, Oracle Way, Reston, VA

Future enterprise applications demand complex software development with reduced time and cost. Specification of a Software Architecture is the key element in Software Development. The focal point of the architecting process is the architecture document and describing the structure of the software through various views. While there are established tools and standards for design and code, there is little agreement in the software industry on how to define and document architecture. In this talk, the presenter will give an overview of some practical techniques and templates for defining architecture and show samples of medium to large scale enterprise application architectures. As the talk is aimed as a very interactive session, audiences are encouraged to bring their ideas and suggestions for discussion. The focus of this session is to learn how to define this most critical artifact in the software development process and how to document it using simple diagramming tools and word processors.

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