Monday, January 23, 2006

The next thing in malware, account hijackings

Account Hijackings Force LiveJournal Changes

LiveJournal, an online community that boasts nearly 2 million active members, on Thursday announced sitewide changes for users logging into their accounts -- changes prompted by a hacker group's successful hijacking of potentially hundreds of thousands of user accounts.

In an alert posted to its user forum, LiveJournal said it was instituting new login procedures for users because "recent changes to a popular browser have enabled malicious users to potentially gain control of your account." Company officials could not be immediately reached for comment. I also put in a query to Six Apart, which owns LiveJournal (and the service we use to produce this blog), but have yet to hear from them either.

I have heard of account hijackings in Polish blogosphere, but this is the first time I have heard of it happening in this country. I’ve seen malicious posters post under other people’s names on bulletin boards and comment sections; but until now I have not heard about blog hijacking. A new and disheartening development.

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