Monday, January 02, 2006

Why civil servants get so frustrated with their politicians

The FCW Insider

I'm not big into got-ya' journalism. I don't think it is good for us... and I don't think it is good for you. That being said, it is somehow ironic that I go to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs... guess who asks for permanent cookies! Yes, the same committee that is austensibly responsible for the oversight of e-government and federal privacy rules. We understand that Congress doesn't play by the same rules that agencies do, but when we last checked, which was some time ago, I admit, permanent cookies were banned from agency Web sites. The committee Web site doesn't even have a privacy policy on it.


Anonymous said...

I am a central government servant posted in Dehradun. Having post graduate degree from one of the IITs, I find I live the life worse than that of a street beggar. I get Rs. 1250 HRA in Dehradun. Without a govt quarters I find it very difficult to find a place for my family. The greedy house owners charge as high as 5000 Rs for a 2 room accomodation, and is very difficult to find anything cheaper than 3500 Rs. Government must think of improving the living conditions of its employees. For the alst one month I am worried only about finding aplace to sleep and least bothered about any productive work in office. The HRA should be raised to atleast 3 times of the present or it must ensure governement accomodation for all its employees, and must think of abolishing impractical rules like satisfaction ratio and all. I am frustrated. I feel I am not worth of even a worm.
I am a Class I gztd officer in 12000 basic, 33 year old.
I am in the wrong place.
Why should I work/live If I am not able to meet the basic necessities of life!

Alice said...

The American civil service has a better situation. I hope your situation improves in the very near future.