Thursday, December 21, 2006

All gone

Constantin Basturea appears to have deleted his Headlines from PR weblogs and PR Newswire seems to have shut down their Media Insider blog.

I am sorry to see this because they were my chief source of news about PR.


Constantin assures me that the PR blogdigger is still up but is experiencing technical difficulties, and will be up again. Moreover it seems that Media Insider has a new URL.

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Constantin Basturea said...

Alice, I didn't delete the Headlines from PR Blogs group (why would I do something like that? :). I suspect there's a problem with Blogdigger Groups - I'll contact Greg Gershman to see if he can solve it. In the mean time, I'll try to upload the OPML file for the PR Blogs List, so the group should be back online -hopefully- in a couple of hours.

Also, it looks like the Media Insider blog has moved here: