Thursday, December 21, 2006

The humble tool that just won’t die

Contrary to what B.L. Ochman and Tom Foremski tell us, the press release is alive and well. Today’s Bull Dog Reporters brings us a useful tip sheet:

ACES Charter Member and Baltimore Sun Copy Desk Chief McIntyre Shares Five Fundamentals Designed to Earn Your Release a Second Look

McIntyre makes five points:
1. Get it right—failure to fact check destroys future credibility.
2. Simplify the approval process—write tight from the outset.
3. Eschew jargon and technical language—write conversationally.
4. Don't oversell or overstate your news—journalists are watching for that.
5. Revisit headlines—be direct and don't fall for "headline-ese."

Anyone who thinks the press release is dead, or that readers do not find such announcements interesting, should check out Potomac Tech Wire, a daily newsletter that consists entirely of press releases. I am reliably informed that its contents are the subject of lively discussion at NVTC events.

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