Thursday, December 14, 2006

This is why I don't have instant messaging

Those annoying little IMs? They cost $588B

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- The chances of you finishing this article without getting interrupted or distracted are slim.

U.S. office workers get interrupted on the job as often as 11 times an hour, costing as much as $588 billion to U.S. business each year, according to research.
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A showdown between a daredevil and a rapper. CNN's Ali Velshi is 'Minding Your Business.' (December 13)
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Add in the distracting lure of checking e-mails, surfing the Internet and chatting by computer, and workers interrupt themselves nearly as much as they are interrupted by others, experts say.

"With instant messaging on your desktop and alerts and e-mail notifications, you set yourself up for it," said John Putzier, founder of FirStep Inc. business strategists in Prospect, Pennsylvania.

I'd like to know how FirStep came up with that figure.


Paull Young said...

I couldn't help but laugh. I read the first sentence of this post before my gmail pinged me and I automatically switched windows.

I'm not sure about the figures either, but I can sure see where they're coming from!

Alice said...

Glad you liked it.