Friday, December 22, 2006

Five things about me

Tom Murphy has tagged me. I have been fearing this, because I can’t toss off witty remarks on something like this. So this will be a little more clumsy than the others. So that is the first thing, I have no skill for this sort of blog game.

I am a music lover. I studied violin, viola, piano, guitar, and voice. I sang alto in my high school chorus and from time to time in church choir. My favorite composer is Beethoven; that sounds like I never got any farther, but Beethoven is my all time favorite.

My favorite books on business are Think, the Soul of a New Machine, and Money of the Mind. Indeed I like anything written by James Grant. The Levy Institute is my favorite think tank.

My favorite PR blogger is Jim Horton, even though he makes me writhe with envy at his polished writing style. Almost every morning he produces one single elegant pearl of a post.

The dogs I have owned have included a medium sized fluffy black mutt, a rough collie, a black labrador retriever, a pomeranian mix, and the current incumbent, another rough collie. My great regret is that I have never lived where I could have several dogs. If I could, I would live like Squire Western, decorating my home in straw and dogs.

As revenge for making me envious every single morning, I am tagging Jim Horton. And just because they are local boys I am tagging Chris Abraham and Steve at D-Ring.

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