Thursday, January 11, 2007

Disney PR Disaster

The Spocko roundup:

San Francisco Chronicle

The tale of Spocko, a self-described "fifth-tier" blogger who lives in San Francisco, exemplifies how one person with a computer and an Internet hookup can challenge the views of a major media corporation -- and what a media corporation will do to stop him.

For the past year, Spocko has been e-mailing advertisers of KSFO-AM with audio clips from its shows and asking sponsors to examine what they're supporting. Some sponsors have pulled their ads, after hearing clips like one of KSFO's Lee Rodgers suggesting that a protester be "stomped to death right there. Just stomp their bleeping guts out."

Morgan pledged to "hit back" over Spocko controversy, claimed it "is all going through Media Matters"

Blogger makes ABC, Disney accountable for trashy radio

Mickey Mouse outfit shuts down blogger site


Remember that old expression about how the press always has the last word? In the post-blogosphere world there are no last words.

From PR blogosphere:
Holmes Report

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