Monday, January 08, 2007

John McCalla

John McCalla, editor of Washington Business Journal, has died. He was 38.

He will be missed.


Anonymous said...

I went to High School with John. He was a dear friend, and he will be missed.

Alice said...

I have had hundreds of hits from search engines on this post, coming from all over the country. It is clear he touched many lives and will be greatly missed.

Anonymous said...

I was the youngest of my Uncle John's three nieces’. I never could say Uncle John when I was little so I began with Junkie then Junkie John as I grew up. I was named after him, Jaclyn is my full name but he always called me jackie, jake, jack-e-bee.
My mother and he were extremely close I swear they were Siamese twins, even though the papers wrote my mom was his half sister! Whatever that really means, I know John would laugh. The point is that they were inseparable. They both wouldn’t shut up about each other! Many people have uncles but my family is not big and he meant the world to my mother and my family. He would like to "punch me in the face" (inside joke) if he knew how "smoopy" I was being about him, but I don't care so THERE Uncle John! :)
Even though I had the shortest amount of time with my uncle, it was enough. I always thought he was amazing. He would travel everywhere, and tell me great stories that we would one day be able to share together! He was in college when my parents moved him into his dorm at Temple and I sat on his bed (5 yrs old) thinking he was amazing then. Little did I know my Junkie John would have been very successful in all that he was determined to accomplish, and not just brainwashing me that he was truly the most handsome man on earth, or his eyes were the bluest in the entire world!” Really Junkie John the bluest in the world?!" That’s what I noticed and loved about my uncle the most.
He inspired me to do many productive things with my life. Unfortunately I haven't really started every thing I wanted to do that we discussed but given the shocking news was a wake up call that I cannot waste another precious moment. I will start to train for my first marathon and will run in his shoes that he ran in his AIDS marathon. I will graduate college in two years. Take many pictures on my beautiful blue eyes and compare both of ours! I will travel and read tonsssssssss! I will take photographs for fun and frame them. I will have many boyfriends and have fun with all of my girlfriends! I will still laugh and hope and dream, even if we are not together dreaming our dreams. I have many things on my "To Do" list that I will finish.
I know you will be there with me at the finish line, in the audience when I receive my award, degree, recognition to charity, my wedding etc. I just wish we had a little bit longer Junkie John; I wanted to tell you and see the look on your beautiful face that after traveling the world, I found that you were right you truly had the bluest blue eyes in the world. Miss you, love you - Jackiebee

Anonymous said...

Oh JOhn, What happened. i lost track of you since the last time i saw you for lunch in philly with ceasar. i emailed and called the numbers i had on you without success. then i decided to google you and try and track you down. only to find thatyou have left us. My dear friend i will miss you. But i have some of the most wonderful memories of my life with you. we were soulmates once. i will remember you always with such love. it was an honor to be your friend.