Tuesday, January 16, 2007

In search of links

Superior snark from Josh Hallet

Excellent advice from BL Ochman. One thing she and I disagree about, long essays on blogs. The most popular entries on this blog are the long entries consisting of original reporting. If it takes 2,000 words to describe something, then write 2,000 words. Write 3,000 words if the subject requires it. Just make sure you are using those words to communicate something interesting to your reader and not show off or be pretentious.


Anonymous said...

long articles in magazines, no problem

books, no problem

3,000 word post online. I just can't read it.

but i'm sure yours was interesting. :>)

Alice said...

I agree that blogs are poorly suited to long articles and that the 200 word post is ideal. I certainly agree that white space is our friend. I just think that if you have a subject that requires 2,000 words, go ahead and write them. Jim Horton puts his longer work into PDF White Papers, but I just post them and it works.