Friday, April 11, 2008

Dept. of burnt bridges

Company Sells Access to Behind-the-Scenes Wal-Mart Footage
Flagler Productions, who recorded countless hours of internal Wal-Mart meetings from the 1970s through 2006, was fired two years ago. While that move effectively cut off most of the company's revenue stream, Flagler discovered there are actually plenty of people out there interested in viewing such material -- especially if it involves managers prancing about in drag at an executive meeting. According to the AP, Flagler is charging $250 an hour to outside parties for "video research" and additional fees for a DVD copy of film clips.

Flagler better hope the DVD sales go well; because who is going to hire them after they burn a client like that? Walmart is vulnerable to this sort of thing because of its protracted labor dispute. At some point you have to ask, wouldn't it be better business to sign a union contract and be done with this?

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