Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How to get the CFO to Fund an Electronic Records Management System

NCC AIIM May monthly meeting

Speaker: William E. Neale,
IBM Enterprise Content Management

We have all become familiar with justifying Electronic Records Management Systems (ERMS) using risk and compliance requirements for the primary business case – which often does not work until too late, after a major disaster or litigation.

Mr. Bill Neale, long known in the metro DC and Richmond area for his work in ARMA and AIIM, offers this unique presentation of a practical business case for ERMS Discover how the implementation of an ERMS system, including business process management (BPM), not only reduces risk, enables compliance, and improves organizational processes and collaboration, but how it also generates true business value leading to a tangible ROI. Learn how to reduce the future cost of compliance and recordkeeping using ECM and BPM to build a cost effective, enterprise-wide records program.

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