Monday, April 21, 2008

Why you need a PR pro to pitch your stories

Because bloggers and journalists are real prima donnas about how they get their pitches. If you don't pitch it exactly the way they want it, into the trash bin, real or cyber, with your story.

Now small businesses and start ups, the ones most likely to have actual news, don't have time to keep up with everyone's personal preferences. That is why they need a PR agency with experience with traditional and new media. But from a reader's point of view it isn't very edifying and if I were a technology reporter I would repress the urge to explain how to kiss up to me and the necessity of doing so.

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Belle said...

I agree.

There are 2 sides to this story:

1-PR people need reporters/bloggers to do their job.

2-Reporters/bloggers need PR people to be up to date on the latest news.

When either party starts to get snippy, we all loose. Let's lean on each other with a little more compassion.

Brian Solis wrote a great article on the different ways bloggers wish to be contacted. And small businesses really don't have the resources to spend time scouring the web for each preference. Just like bloggers don't have time to scour their inbox for a good story.

There has to be a better protocol!