Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Blogs and comments

Mike Manuel left a very slightly edgy comment on Rick Edelman’s Rick Edelman’s blog. Mike “respectfully asked if Edelman would be using his blog as a listening mechanism or if it was simply a marketing mouthpiece -- I never got an answer and more important, my comment never made the light of day.”

I agree with Mike, deleting a comment like that is pretty lame. The PR answer would have been something like I am surprised and disappointed a fellow PR pro would not have given the writer the benefit of the doubt. I encourage you to read this blog and judge for yourself.

Edelman lists crisis communications as one of their practice areas. If Edelman cannot cope with a slightly edgy comment like that, how are they going to cope with a mob of angry demonstrators and shouting reporters?

Technoflak is waiting for her first flame.