Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Protection & Security of Your Digital Content With DRM

My friend Arvind Krishna has written a fascinating article about Digital Rights Management that raises issues I had not previously considered-

DRM Technology-A New Approach

Digital rights management (DRM) is a relatively young technology that can help an organization in securing its digital content. DRM provides protection to content even in the case of a network intrusion. DRM technologies allow an organization to control what a recipient can do after receiving the information through the network. DRM products can include encryption/decryption, identity management, watermarks, and metadata content control and auditing features. DRM fills a technology gap that no product serves, both in the email space and with documents, in allowing users to dictate who can open their content and how it can be used or shared.

Before you consider DRM, understand the technologies behind DRM and several contentious issues associated with it. DRM technologies are relatively new and not yet foolproof. Also, current products may be overkill relative to the content to be protected.

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