Monday, October 25, 2004

MediaSyndicate - Free News Release Posting Service

Submit your press releases on this site for free.

Technoflak uses the Presto Vivace data base for press releases. Please comment if you have any experience with MediaSyndicate, positive or negative.


Anonymous said...

Seems pretty responsive. Posted a release, and it was approved the same day. Overall, I'm very happy with the results. Also got some coverage from the posting from a small online website, and the links helped boost my site rank in some of the search engines.

Alice said...

thanks, that is good to know

Anonymous said...

its says free, but it isn't, the free press release doesn't work...


Webmaster said...


I'm the webmaster for

I assure you our service IS free, but the site does, of course, attempt to garner some kind of income by requesting donations for reviewing submissions.

So after you submit a press release, a screen pops up that requests a donation for the service. This is pretty standard among many of the same kinds of services. But you are not forced to pay.

Additionally, we don't just post ANYTHING. We get a lot of spam for vitamins, baldness cures, bird flu remedies, and all kinds of get rich quick schemes - we try not to post these press releases. So in that case, yes -- the site won't technically 'work' because we are trying to keep the quality of content high.

Lastly, with approximately 5000 press releases in our database and growing every day, the site does indeed work.

Thanks for hosting this service, and allowing us to rebut these comments.


Mark Pivon

Anonymous said...

It does work. It accepts donations.