Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Blogging Planet Officially Launches

Enter the Conversation

A few months ago, a group of bloggers and communications professionals met for lunch in Paris. We gathered to explore an idea: forming a partnership to bring our expertise in new communications tools to organizations in Europe and the US.

Today represents a culmination of months of hard work and an exciting beginning: Blogging Planet is live!

Our approach is differentiated by our philosophy: it is the medium -- the network you build -- that matters, not the message -- the content. We believe that this focus on content is preventing people from seeing the more important issue: the value derived through the creation, maintenance and use of a powerful network of ongoing conversations amongst the widest possible audience, all leading in one form or another back to your organization.

From Elizabeth Albrycht, Christophe Ducamp, Guillaume du Gardier, and Neville Hobson. Not just in the ordinary way.

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