Monday, March 21, 2005

Three cheers for Jason Pontin

More Stories Retracted, This Time at 'Technology Review'

”Technology Review, Inc. cannot vouch for the accuracy of ‘Carly's Way,’ by Michelle Delio, published online on March 4, 2005. Nor can we stand by ‘Carly's Gone. HP Celebrates,’ also by Delio, published online on February 10, 2005. We regret publishing the stories.”

It was signed on Friday by Jason Pontin, the editor-in-chief. The two stories have been scrubbed from the magazine's Web site ( Clicking on a link to the stories brings a visitor to the retraction.

The two stories, of course, had to do with the recent departure of Carly Fiorina as CEO of Hewlett Packard. They relied on anonymous sources inside HP.

It has got to be humiliating to run a retraction like that; but it is a guarantee to readers that MIT Technology Review is serious about maintaining editorial quality.


Anonymous said...

"Serious about editorial quality?"
You have to be kidding? What serious editorial organization would permit an single-sourced, anonymous slam of a major executive penned by a freelancer in the first place? Scrubbing the story and issuing a terse retraction is not how a good editor goes about restoring credibility. Only when pushed by the Boston Globe did Pontin divulge the post mortem fact checking that led to the decision.

Anonymous said...

Fiorina took HP down the drain with the Compac deal. I know, I own quite a bit of their stock. She then got the golden "can you say greed" parachute of tens of millions of dollars. Money that rightfully belonged to the shareholders. It's another example of shameless corporate greed and "major executive" blundering.