Friday, March 11, 2005

Madrid: Terrorism, the Internet and Democracy

Dan Gillmor’s group came up with some excellent guidelines. This one especially caught my eye:

II. Decentralized systems -- the power of many -- can combat decentralized foes.

1. Terrorist networks are highly decentralized and distributed. A centralized effort by itself cannot effectively fight terrorism.

2. Terrorism is everyone's issue. The internet connects everyone. A connected citizenry is the best defense against terrorist propaganda.

3. As we saw in the aftermath of the March 11 bombing, response was spontaneous and rapid because the citizens were able to use the Internet to organize themselves.

4. As we are seeing in the distributed world of weblogs and other kinds of citizen media, truth emerges best in open conversation among people with divergent views.

International Summit on Democracy, Terrorism, and Security

Global Voices Wiki

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