Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Payola news media, the logical conclusion

The recent case of a Florida television newscaster who was running a PR agency on the side is but one more example of the current plague of crony journalism. The newscaster was collecting a salary from the local station for reporting stories and money from his clients for placing stories. Nice work if you can get it. The station manager is quoted as saying he was unaware of his correspondent’s side business.

How long will it be before station managers decide they don’t have to pay any salary, that TV correspondents/PR practitioners will work for free? How long before station managers start charging PR practitioners for airtime to broadcast our video news releases? How long before there is some eBay system for auctioning time so that assorted PR agencies could bid on whose story will run which evening? This may sound ludicrous as you read this. But we won’t be laughing long, if we do not do something to restore integrity to our news media.

Crony Journalism goes nationwide

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Crony journalism

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