Friday, March 04, 2005

The quality of the transmission is more important than the reach of the microphone

Ben Silverman has an interesting interview with a television producer about what they want from guests. Most of it is good advice, but beware of this comment:

- What about guests who fight back when the host is confrontational? "We love those us!" the producer said. "As long as the host and guest don't get personal, we love some intelligent, but excited banter. What we love most is when two guests get into it with each other."

Lets you and him fight is a favorite game of too many news organizations. Don’t be part of it. Given the choice of granting an interview to an obscure blogger who covers your industry and a food-fight cable news show, go with the blogger. You don’t want to wind up on The Daily Show’s great moments in punditry, as read by children.

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