Thursday, July 20, 2006

The ever quoatable BL Ochman

Portrait of a Blogger: Under 30 and Sociable

"Of all the bloggers out there, there are only about 10,000 that have an audience beyond their friends and families," said B.L. Ochman, a business blogger who tracks online trends.

"It astounds me that people are willing to do this stuff without getting paid," Ochman said. "I come from a generation that gets paid for our work."

BL, amateur blogging is like choir or garage bands, it's the joy of the music itself. Besides, the amateurs keep the rest of us honest.

I confess that I was initially miffed that they quoted BL rather than a local girl, then I remembered, BL knows a lot more than I do about what's next online.

Edit -
Apparently that is not quite what BL Ochaman, full quote:

"the reason so many of us give away our ideas is that blogging is about much more than making money. Blogging is about connection, about being heard, and also about establishing and maintaining one's reputation as an expert in their field."

Don’t feel bad BL, it could have been worse.

1 comment:

BL said...

Thanks for noting that I was quoted out of context!

And of course you're right, it could always be worse!

She could not have quoted me at all. :>)