Wednesday, July 20, 2005’s early adopters

Wilson P. Dizard III , Government Computer News

Owen Ambur, co-chair of the CIO Council’s XML Community of Practice and chief XML strategist for the Interior Department, said the council sponsored to improve the federal government’s management of the emerging technology lifecycle.

“In layman’s terms, government executives can’t deal with all the vendors coming at them,” Ambur said.

Plans for the site call for the automation of an eight-step process:

* Identification of emerging technologies, broadly defined and not endorsed
* Subscription to technologies by government officials
* Stewardship, in which the CIO Council’s Emerging Technology Subcommittee takes responsibility for proposed components
* Graduation, when proposed components shift to the oversight of the Components Subcommittee following approval by the ET Subcommittee
* Budgeting, the stage at which components receive funds
* Acquisition, the purchasing process
* Maintenance of components throughout their lifecycle
* Retirement and replacement of components at the end of their lifecycle.

If this works it will likely be the model for large organizations everywhere.

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