Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A simple act of kindness

Apple Executive Calls Family of Teenager Killed for Ipod

As Errol Rose made preparations on Monday to bury his 15-year-old son, Christopher, who was killed last week in Brooklyn during a fight over an iPod, he received a telephone call from a stranger. The man spoke in tones that the grieving father said had momentarily quieted his anguish.

The stranger, Mr. Rose soon learned, was Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computer, the company that makes the iPod.

"I didn't know who he was," Mr. Rose said yesterday. "He called me on my cellphone, at 4 maybe. Or maybe it was 5." Mr. Rose said he had stopped noticing the passage of time since his son was killed.

The men spoke for a few minutes.

Calling him by his first name, Mr. Jobs asked how Mr. Rose was doing, he said, and conveyed his sympathies. "He told me that he understood my pain," Mr. Rose said. "He told me if there is anything - anything - anything he could do, to not be afraid to call him. It really lightened me a bit."

This simple act of kindness, I almost hesitate to post this in a PR Blog, sets a great example for all public figures. The public respects such gestures.

The News Blog

And with that one act, Jobs proved he was far more decent than either Michael Jordan or Phil Knight. When kids were being shot over sneakers, they remained mute or acted like it wasn't their problem.

Clearly Cupertino cannot be happy with the increased rate of iPod thefts, but a murder? Over an iPod?

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