Sunday, July 10, 2005

Why you should read that boring press release

There is a good reason editors do not allow reporters to write rants about the boring press release they receive. Unless you can write with extraordinary skill, such rants are boring. BL Ochman has some terse words for this ill-natured post from Russell Beattie. Beattie:

You know, now that people in Public Relations have "discovered" blogging, I'm seeing a notable downward trend in the quality of the discussions online. These are the people who think they understand communication and people in general, yet seem to be the last ones to be arriving to the blogosphere...

Actually we’ve been here a while; but apparently poor Mr. Beattie just got the memo.

Blogging isn't my "job" - I do this for fun. I'm not looking to fill column inches or dead airtime with your crap, I'm looking to provide real information and opinion to my readers who in turn return the favor and educate me.

News flash, reporters are looking for real information to inform and entertain readers. Moreover it is a job for them and most have shareholders to answer to. That is why they cannot afford to write rants about the horrible press release they receive.

Every new product announcement is a concrete example of where companies think the market is going. Only by consistently scanning press releases can you get a feel for an industry. This is a very time consuming process; that is why you need professional journalists. Moreover only an expert can separate the wheat from the chaff. Yes, it would be nice to only receive the wheat and none of the chaff; but life is filled with little disappointments.

Bloggers would be well advised to get over themselves. If you are going to keep finding interesting items for your readers you have to remain open to new things. That means scanning through material that wasn’t designed for your personally. The issue is not whether some flack is familiar with your work and sent you a perfectly crafted story pitch, the issue is whether they have sent you something that might interest your readers.

The reason flacks pitch bloggers is that bloggers are another part of the press. Frequently they are interested in our clients’ products.

Steve Rubel shows a lot of class.

Worker bees blog comments.

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